Nearby Shops is a Nonprofit Open-Source project that makes it really simple and easy to launch your own mobile based food delivery, grocery business or any other hyperlocal business with very low investment and without any need of external funding !

You can launch your android based food delivery or Grocery app in just 10 $ per month hosting fee ...

Not just that ... this project helps you Save your market expenditure also !

You can list your local market on Nearby Shops platform and get free of cost traffic from the Nearby Shops platform !

When your local market gets listed on Nearby Shops ... all the users can access your local market without having to download and register with new account !!

Technically also,

Nearby Shops is really easy to configure in multi-market mode ...  you don't need to worry about hiring developers to customize or maintain the android apps ...

You will understand more about it when you read about Nearby Shops multi-market mode at this link :