In this documentary Stacy Mitchel talks about how Amazon has utilized its monopoly power to exploit its own employees and its own vendors. As we know people accross the world are protesting against monopoly and abuse by commercial platforms like Amazon.

They charge really high comission rates, they manipulate algorithms their way. They dont use open-source software and they dont comply with Data localization laws.  They use their market dominance to kill fair - competition and manipulate sellers.

To overcome these abusive practices.  We are working on a FOSS Nonprofit alternative.

We would charge zero comission to vendors. The project is already open-source therefore our algorithms are transparent. We comply we data localization laws.

We are looking for Volunteers who can help us in the following areas !

  1. Raise funds for the Project - Example : Create Kickstarter campaign and seek donations
  2. Content Creators - Create Images and Video for publicity purposes
  3. Growth Hackers - people with hacker mentality who want to help
  4. Distribution Experts / Digital Marketing Experts / Social Media Experts
  5. Developers - Android, Web, PostgreSQL, Java
  6. Any other way you want to help – Suggestions and Ideas are Welcome !

Anyone interested please get in touch.

Github Link :

Website :

Nearby Shops is a FOSS (Free and Open-Source) alternative to Grubhub and Instacart. To learn more please visit

I know you may have questions so i have addressed them here !

Food / Grocery Delivery can be Expensive how can we run such a platform without any VC funding ?

Basically the idea is that we allow the vendors to deliver the order by themselves. Therefore our operating costs are very low. This enables us to fund the platform entirely though donations only.

We do recover some fixed maintainance fee from local vendors which is used to cover the cost of hosting and paying the salary of customer support and market administrators. This fixed fee would be very less compared to ongoing comission rates.

To learn more about our business model please visit