Good news for you ... !! Now you can run your own commercial business with our free open - source software. Single market License gives you permission to use this software to start your own commercial business.

But this freedom comes with certain restrictions. Dont worry these restrictions are not there to restrict your business. Instead these restrictions are there to protect small business and entrepreneurs. Business which dont have lot of money to invest and cant compete with highly funded startups.

Restrictions and Limitations

Restriction 1 : You cannot build large startups and raise VC funding

This software is primarily intented to be used by small business entrepreneurs who can use it to earn decent income to sustain their small business and families.

This software is not intented for building large scale startups and raise VC funding. In short you cannot use nearby shops software or its source code to build another startup like Instacart, Grubhub or Zomato.

VC funded startups like Uber and Amazon has a very bad track record of abusing markets and killing fair compition and therby hurting small local businesses in the economy. This behaviour goes against our purpose and our principles. Therefore we do not allow VC funded startups to use our software.

Restriction 2 : You cannot use it to run any advertisement based business

You cannot use nearby shops source code in direct or modified form to build any app that earn money by showing advertizements.

Restriction 3 : Only Nonprofits are allowed to expand beyond two cities

If you want to expand your business beyond two cities. You must be a nonprofit or a government organization. Commercial business are not allowed to expand beyond two cities. This is done to ensure that you do not create a monopoly and give everyone a fair chance to earn income and benefit from this free software.

Promises and Assurances

If you choose to run your commercial business in compliance with our single market license. We provide you certain promises and assurances to keep your business protected and safe.

Assurance 1 : We povide assurance of keeping this software free forever for you.

Those who comply with our license are assured of free use of this software. We will never charge you any license fee to use this software.

Assurance 2 : Free access to source code and free updates forever

Those who comply with Single Market License are assured of free access to source code and free software updates forever.