You have created your shop and got it approved from the Market Administrator. In this tutorial we will learn how you can make your shop ready to receive orders from your customers.

Please note your shop will not be visible to the customers until you have added few items and set their prices and availablity. Let us discuss everything step by step

Step 1 : Add Existing Items to Shop

Go to the Items Database available from your Shop Dashboard. Select any item and you will see two buttons "add to shop" and "remove from shop".

Click on "add to shop" and your item will be added to the shop. To remove an item from your shop click on "Remove from Shop" and your Item will be removed.

Optional : Add Non-Existing Item to Shop

If you want to add an item that doesnt exist in the Items Database. You will need to add a new Item in the Items Database. You can do this by pressing the + button at the bottom of the screen. You need to have permission to add items and in some cases that permission could be denied. You need to speak with your market admin to ensure that you have this permission.

Step 2 : Set Prices and Availablity

You can set prices and availibility of items from Quick Stock editor and there are two more screens. After Setting the prices and Availibility your shop will become visible to the customers.

Step 3 : Ensure proper Shop Visiblity

Your shop is visible only inside its delivery range. Therefore please make sure that you have set the location & delivery range properly. You can check & change these settings in the Edit Shop screen.

Step 4 : Check Shop Visiblity as a Customer

Come out of the shop dashboard and check whether your shop is visible in the given area. When your given market is selected by the customer.

Try to experiment with different locations and see if you are getting desired results. Try to send few sample orders and see if you receive them.