Nearby Shops is a fully open-source and nonprofit project. Being a supporter of open source philosophy ... we don't generally want to restrict the usage of this project in any way but still we want to have certain restrictions so that people don't try to use this software to build business based on unethical and immoral trade practices which involves establishing monopoly, stifle fair competition ...  the kind of business practices followed by amazon and walmart.

Instead we want people to use it so that they can make a living and at the same time benefit other people and society. Business that does not try to establish monopoly and don't try to stifle fair competition. Business that try to help the people and society instead of trying to create monopoly and increase inequalities in society.

Your usage of Nearby Shops software and apps must comply with the following terms and conditions and failing to do that you may be barred from the usage of this software. You would not have the legal permission to use this software if you violate any of license terms !

  1. You must not try to patent, copyright or restrict in any other way ... usage of parts of Nearby Shops Software Project including its project name, brand name and logo.
  2. You must not indulge in unfair and unethical trade / business practices that stifle fair competition in the economy. To prevent unfair trade practices we have further following restrictions.

a) Nearby Shops open-source software must not be used by a Venture capital funded company - This is to ensure that people don't try to monopolize markets and kill fair competition by giving unreasonably higher discounts in order to kill fair competition !

b) You cannot scale your business beyond two major cities unless you are a legally registered non-profit like Wikipedia. Only Nonprofits are permitted to scale business beyond two cities.

c) You must treat your employees with care and give them fair benefits !

d) You must place the following attribution in your app and website !

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This is to ensure that other people can know about this project and they can also benefit from it. Remember ... Good business thrive by helping others not by killing competition and harming others !