Nearby Shops provides people access to local markets around the world. Nearby Shops ecosystem is a collection of multiple local markets spread across the world. These local markets can sell anything ranging from fruits, vegetables, grocery, electronics, hardware and any other thing that can be sold locally.

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An end-user registered on nearby shops platform can access all the local markets around the world with a single user id and password. This saves the end-user lot of time and energy. Because instead of downloading multiple apps for many different local markets and registering separately on each of them ... he now has to download only one single app and register only once.

This is also helpful for the service provider as it reduces the efforts in marketing and building audience for your local market. When you start you local market on Nearby Shops you get access to the global audience of Nearby Shops which can now access your market.

In this article we discuss how you can become a part of our ecosystem, start your business and earn a living. Let us discuss how you can start your own local market !

There are many benefits that you will get as our partner and service provider.  

Features and highlights of Partner Programme

Start your business and start earn a living

You can earn a decent income by starting your business with nearby shops. As a service provider you are an owner of your local market. You manage your backend server and pay the bills for SMS and e-mail. You are responsible for maintaining the quality of service according to the platform guidelines.

You can charge a fixed market fee for each order which will be paid by the shop -owner to you. For example if a shop delivers 100 orders in a month and you charge 5 bucks per order as market fee. Then the shop owner will pay you 100 X 5 = 500 bucks at the end of the month.

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You can have many shops in your market and you receive payments from multiple shops. This is how you can earn income and after deducting expenses for e-mail, SMS, hosting fee and salary for people you hired. The leftover income would be your net income.

So at this point of time you might be wondering whether you have to pay any charge or commission to the platform. And there is a good news for you.

Nearby Shops is a non-profit project and we do not charge any commission for using our platform. Yes nearby shops is free of cost for service providers and this project is funded entirely by donations which hopefully is enough to cover the operating cost of the platform.

You are welcome to donate and fund the expenses of the platform but its very much different from paying a commission or some other fee to use the platform.


Free marketing and audience through Nearby Shops app

As already mentioned above. When you start your local market on Nearby Shops. Your local market becomes accessible to all the users of Nearby Shops. This helps you to build and obtain your audience free of cost. You don't have to spend the money and make any special efforts in marketing and building your audience.  

We will also be spending our time, energy and money to market our Nearby Shops app. So you get the benefit of all that marketing when you become a part of our ecosystem.

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Free of cost software upgrades

You as a service provider do not have to worry about development, maintenance and upgrade of the software. Because we take care of that and we do it for you.

All the software upgrades and maintenance will be the responsibility of the platform not you.

Join Us

To join Nearby Shops Partner programme and become a service provider please contact us through our forum at