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If you're an entrepreneur or a wannabe entrepreneur you will learn here how can you start your own hyperlocal e-commerce business with very low investment or even with almost zero investment.

First we need to learn more about the concept of local marketplaces ... so let's talk about it ...

What is a local marketplace ?

There are so many good options for shopping today. Amazon and flipkart are a wonderful marketplaces. But there is no marketplace that is focussed on local shopping - buying from shops which are physically near to you.

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Local shopping is a very interesting concept because shops which are near to you can deliver your faster and customers can approach them and meet them physically also if they want. It builds more trust. And trust wins customers.  

Local shopping and hyperlocal is an emerging concept of e-commerce that still has so much scope and growth potential. It is one of the few areas where there is no saturation in market because there are still not many good services in the market.  

Hyperlocal e-commerce can even surpass conventional e-commerce because its more cost-efficient and simple compared to conventional e-commerce.

As an entrepreneur you don't have to invest your money in building your delivery infrastructure and therefore you can launch your hyperlocal app business with very low investment.

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How to build your local marketplace ?

To build your hyperlocal startup you need to build your product or use an already existing product. Just like you can use wordpress to build your own website there are products in the market which can help you build your own local marketplace. Good thing is they are fully open source and you don't need to buy or even pay a license fee to use them and there is no vendor-lock in.

Nearby Shops helps entrepreneurs start and launch their own hyperlocal business especially those entrepreneurs who don't have lot to of money to invest.

Nearby Shops is Nonprofit Initiative where our objective is to help the entrepreneurs and we are primarily funded by donations. We don't charge a license fee for our products.

Today while on the train to meet my sister for a drink I had a 2 minutes conversation with some random strangers, dad and son. And let me tell you something, it was one of the most valuable conversation since a long time. ‘Go out there, enjoy your life, you’re young! Go start your business. Be scared and still do it. And if it doesn’t work out, just start another one. Believe me, I did that so many time.’ Holy Moly, I want them in my life. hahah Best!
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Because our product is fully open-source and there is no vendor -lock in. There are many benefits of no vendor-lock in.

When you're locked in to a proprietary product. You cannot approach a third party business or person to help you and support you. You are entirely dependent on a particular vendor. Who can potentially manipulate you and take advantage of your venerability.

When you are running your business on open-source products. You have the freedom and flexibility to adapt, modify and ask for support from any person. This ensure that you get all the support at a fair price and your operating cost are low.

Nearby Shops - Open Source local Marketplace

With Nearby Shops you dont have to invest a lot of time and money building your product. You just choose your brand name and customize the app and get your app launch ready in just few hours !

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