I posted my Project on hacker news and even after 3-4 hours there were no upvotes.

So i went to sleep and just forgot about hacker news. Thinking there will be no response and Interest in the HN community.

A day later i Checked Analytics for my website and Boom it was just going crazy.

Thousands of new visitors in just few hours.

I thought maybe this happened because i made few changes on website. Or someone posted about the project on twitter.

Then i further checked analytics it showed that visitors are coming from Hacker News. And then i checked Hacker News and the project got to the front page of HN and it was on the Top of Show HN section.

Somebody renamed my post as ShowHN and then it just went crazy from there !

The project received 152 Upvotes total which was highest was in the ShowHN category for two days.

My Lessons and Observations

Dont give up after posting just once or twice. I have seen many successful projects who have posted 3-4 times without getting any response and they got a response after their fifth or sixth time. I also didnt received any response in the first few times.  

If you have something worthy of sharing and something new please post it in ShowHN category. It will remain in view for longer time and have higher changes of getting upvoted by the community.

Avoid posting on Saturday or Sunday there is less traffic on those days.

Best Regards !