Step 1 : Install a Nearby Shops instance

Install a nearby shops and get your instance up and running. Nearby Shops instance is nothing but a self hosted and autonomous installation of your local marketplace.

Installation is really easy and takes less than 1 hour. And if you face any problem we are there to help you. Just ask !

Step 2 : Add shops, promote your your market and build audience

Add shops to your market and promote your local marketplace. Build your audience.

Don't worry you don't have to spend a lot of money on marketing and promotion. We take care of that too !

Anyone can access your local marketplace from nearby shops app. So as soon as you install your market its automatically available to all the users of nearby shops app.

Step 3: Earn income for your services

You can charge some fixed amount per order. This is how you earn income. Say for example if you set your app fee as 5 bucks per order. And you have a traffic of 100 orders per day then you will earn 100 X 5 = 500 bucks per day.

Nearby Shops is a nonprofit project and we don't take any cut in your income or commission. Whatever you earn 100% of that money belongs to you. Yes you heard it right. You are not required to pay any commission from your income.

If you like this project you can off-course donate to the project a gesture of saying thanks.