Nearby Shops is an open source multi-vendor e-commerce app primarily designed for local shopping needs

Nearby Shops helps people buy items like fruits, vegetables and grocery from shops located near to them and even get a home delivery of the items they have purchased.

End-User app Link :   Google Playstore link for End-User app

Shop-Owner app Link : Google Playstore link for shop-owner app

What does it mean to buy from shops near to you ?

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Shops like fruit shop and vegetable shop typically deliver only to an area of say 4 kms or 5 kms or in a single city. Shops like these have a lower delivery Range. Delivery Range is the distance upto which a shop can deliver their orders. Nearby Shops is an e-commerce app designed specifically for shops with lower delivery range. A Shop which can deliver only to the customer living within the same city.


Instructions for End User app Demo

The nearby shops currently have shops available in only few cities. If you are living in a city where shops are not available. You need to fake your location and set it to some location where shops are available.

Use any location faker app which you can download from Google Playstore and set your location to "Hyderabad, India". You may see some shops and items visible in the nearby shops app.

Login credentials for end-user app are :  9490523891 (Username) | password (password)

Login to the end-user app with the above login credentials and enjoy the demo.

Instructions for Shop Owner app Demo

After you install the shop owner app from google play store. You can login using the following credentials.

Login credentials : 8074516088 (username) | password (password)

Login to the shop owner app with the above credentials and enjoy the demo.

Features and Highlights

  • Fully open source licensed under permissive MIT license
  • Phone and E-mail verification using OTP
  • Push-Notifications using Open-Signal and Firebase
  • Designed as a Multi-vendor e-commerce platform
  • Designed Primarily for Mobile and Smartphone
  • Visibility of shops are filtered using delivery range of the Shop
  • Ability to add staff members to the shop and assign permissions to staff members.

Technology Stack : Nearby Shops is Built with

The app has a java REST API in the backend and three Native android apps in the front end. Java API Backend uses Maven as a build system with following dependencies

  • Postgres DB as a Primary Database
  • Jersey Framework - (JAX-RS Implementation) for REST API Endpoints
  • Jetty Server as an Embedded HTTP Server in the app
  • HikariCP for Connection Pooling
  • Thumbnailator for Generating resized versions of Images


App authenticates using basic auth. with TLS encryption yet to be added.

Third Party Integrations

  • Push Notifications using One Signal and Firebase
  • SMS and OTP delivery using MSG91
  • Payment Gateway using RazorPay
  • E-mail using Mailgun

Instructions for Customization

If you intend to use Nearby Shops software then please use your own logo and app name. Don't use nearby shops logo and app name.

Fully open source with no proprietary features

All the features in nearby shops is fully open source and we don't offer any premium features.

Licensed under a permissive MIT licence. You are free to use the source code even for commercial usage.

Fully Open Source Forever Guarantee

We have often seen that many good projects start as open-source and later their open-source nature is compromised due to commercial interests. Commercial interests  do not truly value open-source and they see open-source merely as a marketing gimmick which can help in the marketing.

Open Source for us is not a marketing gimmick which we use to promote or market our project. We truly believe in open source principles and that it offers great potential to benefit the people and economy. We truly appreciate the benefits it offers like no vendor lock-in and freedom to adapt and customize the software according to our needs.

Therefore it is our promise that we will never close source a feature or a part of a project. Even if there is less income.

To ensure that project remains fully open source forever we promise that we will never sell the project to a commercial organization who do not believe in open-source values.