I am a developer and I have watched some of the tutorials from freecodecamp and i must say they have one of the best tutorials despite giving it all for free.

Such Good Quality Tutorials that too for free ... sounds really cool and Freecodecamp looks like just another shining Nonprofit Giving free education and Making this world a better place.

Unless you fail to look at the other side.

Creating such good quality tutorials take time and expecting someone to give so much time without getting compensated is not good infact it qualifies as abuse and exploitation of workers.

We see exploitation of workers everywhere. Uber exploits their drivers to work for low wages simply because its powerful and Cab drivers do not have any better alternative.

Amazon exploits their sellers to sell at low margins and unreasonable terms simply because of its power and Monopoly. Selling at low prices further makes amazon more attractive to buyers and makes it more popular and powerful. This forms a vicious circle which makes amazon more powerful everyday !

So we can see a pattern here. The powerful and popular platforms like Uber, Amazon are using their power to exploit common workers who have no other better option.

They all work on the same formula ... exploit your workers ... get cheap labour ... offer cheap services and become more popular and powerful.

Giving something for free is good But it must not come at a cost of Exploiting your workers and Making them work at really lower wages.

And i want to ask you how Freecodecamp is Different than Uber and Amazon. It is also using its power and popularity of the platform to get free work from its tutors.

FreeCodeCamp is just another example of Crowd-fleecing ... but even worse because it is doing it on the name of Charity and Nonprofit. People are aware how Uber and Amazon is corrupt and Evil. But because freecodecamp is a charity nobody doubts it.

If FreeCodeCamp was responsible it would atleast have some mechanism to compensate its tutors and not just exploit them by getting free tutorials from them.

Giving free food for homeless people can be a considered charity but giving free food for middle class person would that be considered a charity ? No.

Freecodecamp is not doing any charity by giving its tutorials for free. Because if the consumers of those tutorials have the ability to buy a 500 $ laptop to watch those tutorials they very well have the ability to pay 10 $ for any good online course !

Freecodecamp has failed to be responsible. Its just wants to exploit teachers ... offer free courses and become more popular and attractive.

Takeaway from this Discussion

Workers should understand their worth. You should never work for Free or for unreasonably lower income.

By working for such lower wages and working for Free you are giving birth to an ecosystem. Which keeps exploiting its workers.

By participating here you are not just exploiting yourself but you are also destroying the livelihood of your other co-workers.

Freecodecamp is destroying the livelihood of tutors who want to earn a decent living by teaching online. It is destroying the legitimate ecosystem of offering online courses and getting compensated for your work.

Platforms like Freecodecamp, Uber and Amazon they all became powerful by giving services at really low cost.

They all work on the same formula ... exploit your workers ... get cheap labour ... offer cheap services and become more popular and powerful.

Kill this Vicious circle by leaving these platforms.

Unless you quit them you and your co-workers will keep getting exploited and never receive your reasonable wage.