We keep hearing the news about how female entrepreneurs face discrimination when it comes to venture capital funding. There are stories about how female founders are subject to sexual harassment from those who fund their startups. This is sad and awful ... that is unfair.

Don’t try and do it on your own. Find people who share your passion, encourage you in your work, and push you out of your comfort zone to places you’d never go on your own. Do the same for them and keep them close. Be honest, stay supportive, and grow together. You’ll be surprised where these friendships take you.
Photo by Andrew Neel / Unsplash

To overcome the effects of discrimination. We are offering special discounts and offers for women entrepreneurs who want to use our product to build their business or startup.

Offer 1 : Free setup and hosting for 6 Months.  

Offer 2 : Free technical support for female entrepreneurs and founders.

For more information please visit : http://nearbyshops.org